FAQ About Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorneys

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Philadelphia, PA Personal Injury Lawyers

Your personal injury questions are answered.

Your personal injury questions are answered.

We hope you feel comfortable calling us if you believe you have been injured by another party. We offer a free legal consultation that you can use as an opportunity to find out more about the legal merits of your case, the fairness of a settlement you have been offered, and the answers to any questions you might have. However, we have provided some answers to questions that are commonly asked about Philadelphia personal injury lawyers and lawsuits.

Will my case go to trial?

Frankly, most cases do not go to trial. However, the client is in control the entire time. You can decide to accept a settlement or pursue a bigger judgment in a court of law. Your lawyer may advise you, but the decision is always yours. If you, your attorney, and the plaintiff can reach an agreement without going all the way to trial, it may speed up the process, so you can get money in your hands faster to take care of bills that may have been generated because of your accident.

How much money is my personal injury lawsuit worth?

There is not one exact formula to calculate the worth of any personal injury lawsuit. Typically, lawsuits are based upon your losses. This could include money you have lost because you could not go to work, medical bills that you have already generated or may generate in the future, other expenses that you have to pay, and your pain and suffering. In some cases, you may be entitled to punitive damages that are higher than the amount of your losses.

During your free consultation, you and your attorney can examine the details of your case and try to estimate a fair settlement. As more evidence is gathered, this amount could change.

How long will it take to get paid?

Most victims of a personal injury lawsuit have an urgent need for money to pay bills and get their lives back on track. If your case can be settled before going to court, you might get your settlement rather quickly. In the best cases, you could have your money within weeks. If it does go to court, it could take much longer.

Every case is different, but your lawyer can give you a better idea about what to expect when you meet for the first time. When pursing fair compensation, it is always a matter of figuring out what solution is best for the client.  In many cases, the right solution involves getting a fair settlement quickly. In other cases, it is worth it to wait longer to take the case to trial. Your lawyer’s job is to advice you and look out for your interests, but you still have the final say about what will happen.

Are Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers Expensive?

You may have heard that attorneys earn a good salary for their services. This is nothing you should worry about if you have been injured because of the negligence or purposeful actions of another person. If your case has legal merit, your attorney will offer to take it on a contingency fee basis.

In other words, your lawyer only gets paid after you have won either a settlement or judgment. During your free consultation, you can learn more about this. But you don’t have to worry about bringing a big pile of money to your personal injury lawyer. He or she is there to help you get the money you are legally entitled to in order to pay your bills.

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